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we just are.

we are not special. we are not crap, or trash, either.

haley( ಠ_ಠ)
I am over 18.

I'm a lurker, which may be obvious because I've had this journal since 2006 but I have less than fifty posts. I just... don't have much to put here. Boring life, and all that, plus I don't exactly have an audience. I prefer being the audience.

As far as fandoms go, my #1 is (and will always be) Harry Potter ♥. I have approx. 13908578245 interests. I like reading but most of what I read is fanfic...

Some arbitrary "favorites":
books- Harry Potter; Scissors, Paper, Rock; Glove Puppet; Fight Club; Slaughterhouse-Five
music- The Strokes; BUCK-TICK; the holy kpop trinity of Super Junior, TVXQ, and SHINee; MUCC, a perfect circle
movies- Harry Potter (but you knew that!); Inglourious Basterds; Inception; Fight Club; The Social Network; Milo and Otis ♥
manga- anything by Kaori Yuki, Asumiko Nakamura, Junji Ito; Saiyuki; Death Note; Gravitation (of course u_u)

I like slash, it's pretty much my life :Q_. I am interested in social justice, and strive to keep an open mind (despite living a pretty average whitebread life). I am very, very liberal, and I guess a Democrat. Politics, fiscal strategy, and the like don't really interest me--I'm more concerned with human rights which is a pretty big enough issue, I think.

Well then, I think that's enough of a bio right? :P
aaaaaangst like whoa, august diehl, bein' a lazy ass, being original, being unoriginal, blinding apathy, butts, carbs, crappy boybands, criminal minds, doctor spencer reid, eames/arthur, extreme fangirling, extreme ironing, harry/draco, hpo, inception, inglourious basterds, jerome, joseph gordon-levitt, julian casablancas not blinking, kaori yuki, let dai, matthew gray gubler, pjo, potterfic, read fanfic allday erryday, saiyuki, slash, stoop kid, super junior, the earl cain saga, the strokes, tom hardy, voldemort hugging draco, yesung, 花のくちづけ